Advocates for Peer-Supported Recovery  

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Oxford House  OxfordHouse is a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. 






SISTER House, Inc. is an organization with an innovative vision for women transitioning from prison, jail, or AODA treatment into the Madison, Wisconsin community.



SAMHSA works to improve the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and mental health services.


Wisconsin Department of Justice - The Fly Effect

The Fly Effect -- a statewide Heroin prevention public awareness campaign

Wisconsn Voices for Recovery

Parent Addiction Network of Dane County

Cost Estimates for Oxford House Network Development

While Oxford House™ is a self-run, self-supported concept and system of operation, it does utilize two independent supports to enable development on an organized and effective basis: [1] utilization of small start-up loans repayable in monthly installments within two or three years, and [2] utilization of trained Oxford House alumni or residents to teach new comers the system of operations that enable development and quality operation of each recovery home.   The following cost estimates – for small, medium or large-scale projects – are for 12 months.  

Medium Size Project – 24 Recovery Homes [About 192 Recovery Beds]

Revolving $6,000 Start-Up Loan Fund                       $ 144,000

Eight Trained and Supervised Field Workers             $ 640,000

10% G&A [overhead]                                                  $   64,000

TOTAL                                                                       $ 848,000

Transitional Living Placements/re-entry houses

Most of this type of housing operates as an extension of the Correctional system. People are in dorm style rooms or shared rooms.  Either, a P.O., case worker or house manager has complete control over house operations. Residents have no vote in what happens. No stake in what happens. While this type might be necessary for some, it is harmful to others.  Because length of stay can be an issue, residents are not able to transition comfortably or completely to a self-sufficient and independent life style. There is a need for this type of housing and the cooperative environment of an OH allows people to take responsibility for their life and integrate life skills with others doing the same. OH is a self-replicating model that can be scaled to fit changes in population and need in both large urban centers and rural areas.  For pennies on the dollar of treatment or supervision costs, a well-run sober housing network can triple program outcomes.

For more information, please call Bill Lauer at 608-213-2964.