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An Opportunity to Get Involved

2017 Assembly Bill 287

This bill requires the Department of Health Services to encourage the
development, expansion, and quality control of networks of sober living residences
and to allocate moneys to create a revolving loan fund for establishing sober living
residences or a network of sober living residences or to award grants for purposes
specified in the bill. 

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A Sample Sober Housing Contract:

Oxford House _____ Contract for Sober Living
_________ Ln., Madison, WI 53704

Resident Name: _________________________________________________ 

Sober Deposit $ ________

Move-in Date: ________________ Rent $______ Weekly or $______ Daily.

Member hereby agrees:

  • That tenancy is week-to-week and rent may be paid no more than 3/4 of a month in advance

  • That rent is due on Friday For the following week (Sunday thru Saturday)

  • To give two (2) weeks notice before vacating at a regular-scheduled house meeting.

  • To remove myself from the property within 30 minutes if I relapse into drug or alcohol use. I understand that I will lose my sober deposit.

  • To vacate in accordance with the terms of an expulsion notice, if expelled for disruptive behavior

  • To not smoke tobacco within the house

  • To honor all other agreements for living in the Oxford House ________.

  • To be involved in the democratic operation of the house by attending all house meetings and by holding office when necessary

  • To do assigned weekly chores

  • To pay all assessed fees promptly or with the next week’s rent

  • To not view, download or store pornography in the residence.

  • To provide a urine or breath sample for analyses when requested

  • I agree to pay a $5 per day fee for items left in storage when I leave. Any items left more than 3 days will be surrendered and become the property of Oxford House Schenk unless there is a written agreement approved by the house with payment in advance.

  • I realize that the Oxford House to which I agree to live in has been established in compliance with the conditions of §2036 of the Federal Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, P.L. 100-690, as amended, which provides that federal money loaned to start the house requires the house residents to (A) prohibit all residents from using any alcohol or illegal drugs, (B) expel any resident who violates such prohibition, (C) equally share household expenses including the monthly lease payment, among all residents, and (D) utilize democratic decision making within the group including inclusion in and expulsion from the group. In accepting these terms, I understand that §2036 conditions are different than the normal due process afforded by some local landlord-tenant laws.


Resident Dated


President Dated


House Member Dated

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Our support is based on the model created by Oxford House, Inc.  This model creates self-supporting, comfortable homes where recovering addicts can live independently and supported by others in recovery.

F.O.R. is on a campaign to educate the public about the value of sober houses in the continuum of care for recovering addicts and alcoholics.  Our goal is to build support for the State of Wisconsin to enter into a contract with Oxford House, Inc. to provide outreach workers to open 100 houses throughout Wisconsin within the next 5 years.  As part of that effort, F.O.R. is available to speak to your group or attend your event.

We invite you to join us in this effort by donating time, money or your individual expertise. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in assisting us, or can otherwise help us in our goal of opening 100 houses in the next 5 years.  Every little but helps!  Please email us your name and best contact information. We look forward to working with you, and appreciate your time and energy. 

Also visit us on Facebook at: FriendsOfRecoveryWisconsin